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Turing is working to find new, better, faster ways to help patients with toxoplasmosis, plus other serious and neglected diseases.
We aim to discover, develop and commercialize innovative treatments for those conditions.

Focus on Toxoplasmosis

Turing Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2015 as a research-based pharmaceutical company to develop and commercialize innovative treatments for serious diseases and conditions with limited or no treatment options.

In early 2016, the company made significant changes, including a focus on toxoplasmosis – a potentially serious, sometimes fatal infection caused by one of the world’s most common parasites.

No significant innovation in toxoplasmosis from the pharmaceutical industry in over 50 years.

  • Turing's Discovery program aims to identify novel drug candidates that may be more potent and may be better tolerated than existing therapies. Several compounds are now being tested.

Toxoplasmosis is listed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of five neglected parasitic infections.

  • Turing has developed a toxoplasmosis disease-state awareness program for medical case managers, nurses and other non-prescribers, who care for at-risk patients.

  • Turing's R&D, Disease Awareness and other activities are funded from revenues provided by the company's marketed products.

Turing aims to ensure that every patient should have access to its medicines.

  • Since its foundation, Turing has put in place programs to assist and support those people who may have difficulty affording their medicines.

The company is led by seasoned executives with impressive scientific and industry experience.

  • In December 2015, Ron Tilles was named as chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

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