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Turing is a small company that is seeking new, better, faster ways to help patients, and to treat serious and neglected diseases.

We are determined to discover and develop new and improved medicines. In 2015, we invested nearly 60 percent of our net revenues in Research & Development.

Those revenues come from sales of our medicines.

Revenue Supports R&D

In the last 50 years, there were no significant pharmaceutical innovations in toxoplasmosis. And no new toxoplasmosis medicines were introduced. Turing is working to raise awareness about the condition, and to discover and develop new treatments, which are intended to advance efficacy, safety and tolerability.

Revenues support these essential investments. Like other research-based pharmaceutical companies, Turing relies on today's income to fund the search for tomorrow's scientific and medical advancements.

Discounts For Institutions

Approximately two thirds of Turing's sales are to Federal and State health programs that pay Turing just 1 cent per pill ($1 per 100-tablet bottle), net after discount. Turing receives no other revenue from these sales. The programs include Medicaid in many states and '340B' customers, such as State AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, qualified health centers and hospitals.

Other substantial discounts are provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense

In November 2015, Turing announced discounts of up to 50 percent for hospitals, 30-tablet bottles, plus zero-cost sample packs. All these changes make DARAPRIM more affordable.

Financial Assistance Programs1

Turing aims to ensure every patient has access to its medicines. This means ability to pay should never be a barrier to access.

Turing funds a patient assistance program1 that offers our primary medicine free of charge to qualified, uninsured patients with incomes at or below 500 percent of the federal poverty level.

Eligible patients who have commercial insurance may receive cost sharing support and are not obligated to pay more than $10 out of pocket for this product.

Eligible patients with Medicare Part D insurance coverage have access to an independent charitable foundation, to which Turing donates, to assist with affordability of disease treatment.

1Financial assistance programs are subject to terms and conditions and patient eligibility requirements. Restrictions, including where prohibited by law, may apply. Offers are subject to change or discontinuance without notice. Financial assistance programs are not insurance nor are they intended to be a substitute for insurance.

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